Curiosity Box FAQs

I've been making mystery boxes since I first opened the shop. Over time, they have evolved to become these boxes of natural wonders and curiosities, perfect for kickstarting or adding to your collection. Please see the product page for example images and a further description.

Each box is custom made to order, and you have the opportunity to leave notes. Reasonable requests are honoured as much a possible, subject to your budget and product availability.

P.S the boxes with the least notes are the quickest to make and send!

Although this is a pre-order situation, I will be aiming to make and send the boxes as quickly as possible, while preserving my sanity. All boxes will be posted before Australia Post's recommended cut-off date for Christmas delivery of the 12th of December, though you will most likely receive your box much sooner.

These boxes are predominantly based around natural wonders. If you order anything more than a $50 box and you don't want taxidermy of any description, I might have a hard time finding enough interesting things to send you. If this is you, please contact me prior to ordering to make sure I can still send you something you'll enjoy!

If you just want to avoid certain types of taxidermy (eg nothing fluffy, no spiders) that is definitely fine! Just add it in your notes.

My curiosity boxes make the perfect gifts. They come wrapped and ready to go. Would you like me to leave out the invoice? Include a little note for you? Please let me know in the notes section of your order.

Don't worry! Just find your order confirmation email, hit 'reply' and write your notes in the return email. As long as you get this done before I start packing your order, I'll be able to attach your notes.

These curiosity boxes will come with an itemised list of everything in your box, along with the RRP. I'll put this in an envelope marked 'spoiler alert' in case you want to save it until the end.

Need your box urgently? Please get in touch prior to ordering so I can let you know the current wait time.

I would love to send you different stuff every time! However, I am limited by what's available. I will always listen to your notes and try to put together the most exciting box for you, but if you're a mystery box veteran and you think you've got everything already, please get in touch before ordering and we can discuss your needs.

Many of you may remember my standard mystery box, where I let you pick the themes you were interested in. Unfortunately my little business has grown to a point where I just don't have the depth of stock to be able to make these at the moment. They might come back one day, but for now I've found the best solution to be able to provide everybody with a mystery box full of interesting items and no filler is these curiosity boxes. I understand they're not for everyone and I'm sorry if you're missing out!