We get asked this question multiple times a day. Unsurprisingly, as we do have some very unusual things! Without giving away all our secrets, we spend a lot of time sourcing bits and pieces from all over the world. We are always on the lookout for anything weird and wonderful, and we find things anywhere from estate sales to auctions to picking from established collections.
Sure, if we like it! The best way to get our attention is to email us with a description and some good photos of what you are looking to sell. We're always looking to add to our collection, but please don't be offended if we don't buy your things. We have quite particular taste...
In this day and age, animals are not killed for display purposes. We are particularly mindful of how our specimens are obtained. Our taxidermy is mainly roadkill, pest control or meat industry by-products. From time to time we may obtain vintage specimens for which we can not be sure of the circumstances, but the reason that taxidermists enjoy what they do is that they love animals and want to preserve them in their natural state. The same goes for us, we love animals and wouldn't ever want them to be hurt or killed for the sake of display.
Yes! All well-behaved pets are welcome. We love to meet and cuddle new animals. Just make sure you are aware of your pet's behaviour and obviously don't bring them in if you know they will destroy everything! The same applies to children.
Nope! They don't get a cent! It's not allowed, and we wouldn't want them to anyway. Our true crime collectables and murderabilia are obtained through reputable dealers, and the criminals receive no payment.
We also get asked this a lot! If it's an animal specimen (bat, taxidermy etc) then the answer is probably yes. With the exception of some resin replica skulls, our animal specimens are real. If it's human-looking, it's probably not real. Baby in a jar? It's a doll. Real human shrunken head? We wish...
We aren't able to invest in t-shirt printing and storage for all the t-shirt designs we want to produce. We have found a solution where t-shirts etc are printed ethically, sweatshop-free and to order. These shirts are only printed when you order them, which saves us a whole lot of trouble! The quality is amazing, and all have been tested by us. The printing facility is overseas, so this part of your order will be shipped separately and may incur additional postage costs, but we promise it will be worth it!